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Magic Chocolates

To make a variety of delicious chocolates, you need nothing but the best of nature. That is why since 2014 there is Magic Chocolates, a Belgian chocolate that is natural, organic and vegan. At Magic Chocolates we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy chocolate. That is why the idea came to make delicious chocolate that is also completely allergen-free according to European regulation 1169/2011. This includes:

14 European Allergens

  • 1. Grains containing gluten

    a. Wheat

    b. Rye

    c. Barley

    d. Oats

    2. Milk (including lactose)

    3 eggs

    4. Fish

    5. Mollusks

  • 6. Shellfish

    7. Nuts

    8. Peanuts

    9. Lupine

    10. Sesame

    11. Sulfite

    12. Celery

    13. Mustard

    14. Soy

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